This tropical archipelago off the coast of Kenya is an angler’s dream come true. With some of the world’s best fly and deep sea fishing opportunities as well as more than 200 boats available for fishing charters, you will be spoilt for choice. The Seychelles has minimal fishing pressure due to the fact that it is such a remote island with a pristine ecosystem. If you are dreaming of a holiday at sea with various rare fish to catch, this is an unmissable destination for any fisherman.

Why is the Seychelles such a great fishing spot?
The Seychelles has a rich history of fishing that dates back to 1835. At this time, fish was the best source of food available to Seychellois. Now, fishing has grown to become one of the most significant industries in the Seychelles, alongside tourism. The Seychelles has many nature reserves, which includes some of the islands, making it possible for fish to grow to their greatest capacity. The Seychelles also boasts year-round sunshine, so any time of year is the best time for the perfect fishing trip.

What can you catch?
The Seychelles waters offer a massive variety of fish to catch, including milkfish, yellowfin tuna, red snapper, grouper and of course, what the Seychelles is renowned for, giant trevally. This belligerent fish can grow up to 70 kilograms and, according to the fishermen who have won the battle against the giant trevally, is one of the most difficult fish to hook, let alone to successfully reel in. Only an outstanding angler will succeed in landing the giant trevally. This is the perfect time and place to find out how good of a fisherman you really are.

What should you bring?
Although unlikely, the Seychelles does experience the occasional storm during the Summer months, so bring your raincoat just in case. Otherwise, standard fishing attire will do the trick. In order to catch a giant trevally, or any other challenging species, be sure to bring along your heftiest fishing gear. Speciality lures will also give you an edge when trying to catch these feisty fish. However, some charters are fully equipped with all the right equipment for their passengers.
Rules and regulations
For recreational game-fishing, you won’t need a fishing license. However, the Seychelles follows a strict set of rules in terms of conservation – the use of spearguns is prohibited and Curieuse, Ste. Anne Marine and a couple other National Parks are off-limits for fishermen. These areas are monitored by park rangers. The Seychelles also encourage fishermen to engage in catch-and-release fishing only in order to preserve the natural balance of the ecosystem and ensure sufficient stock for the future.

Hopefully, we have you hooked and well-prepared for an exhilarating Seychelles fishing experience. Crack open a beer, toss in a line and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!