The top must-see islands in the Seychelles

The Seychelles boasts more than 100 islands across this tropical archipelago and each and every one of them has something unique and special that draws tourists from around the world in. There is no one island that is better than the other, as all the islands have their own special charms and attractions. The Seychelles is the perfect holiday destination for everyone because each island is different, offering its own appeal and character. Here are the best islands in the Seychelles and what each of them has to offer:


This island is great for Seychelles newbies as it is the largest and most inhabited island in the archipelago. Here you can meet the locals, buy fresh local produce and experience a taste of what Seychelles life is like. Hop off your plane in Victoria, Mahe – the capital of the Seychelles – and breathe in the fresh, salty, warm air of pure island paradise. Mahe is a great first stop with plenty to do and see.

What it’s best for:

Mahe offers more beaches than you can imagine, so if swimming in clear turquoise waters or lazing around on pure white, sandy beaches is what you’re after, Mahe is the place to be. Not only does it have some of the most beautiful beaches you could dream of, but Mahe is also home to some of the greatest hiking trails in the world, the marvellous botanical gardens in Victoria, a huge variety of viewpoints where you can look over the city at sunset, sea kayaking adventures for thrill-seekers or, for those who really just want to experience the day-to-day Seychelles lifestyle, hire a car and drive around the island, exploring all the nooks and crannies Mahe has to show you – this drive around the entire city will only take you around 2 and a half hours!


Praslin is the second largest island in the Seychelles, however it is much more rural, unpopulated and relaxed than Mahe. If you would prefer a more private and isolated stay, you should definitely book a hotel on the Western side. The East of Praslin is the more vibrant side of the island with more to offer in terms of shopping centres, restaurants and bars.

What it’s best for:

Praslin is home to Praslin National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site, making it the dream destination for tree-huggers, or anyone who enjoys spending time in nature. Here you can soak in the raw beauty of the Seychelles with its array of flora and fauna to discover. You can also discover and taste the rare Coco de Mer palm in Praslin’s Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve. Praslin is world-renowned for its incredible biodiversity and environmental preservation. The ecosystem is so well-looked after, allowing you the opportunity to experience awe-inspiring natural splendour.


The whole of this largely untouched island is protected by the Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles and so it is yet another place where you can experience unspoiled, raw natural beauty. The irresistible island of Silhouette will draw you in because of its abundance of rare wildlife and its unimaginable charm.

What it’s best for:
Silhouette offers incomparable diving and hiking opportunities that you will not find elsewhere. Although this island is one of the most isolated of the Seychelles, the views are breathtaking and there are still plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. Hike to La Cimitierre through rocky hills to encounter a secluded and pristine beach, or alternatively go for a swim in the shallow pools of Silhouette’s wondrous beaches where you will be able to see tons of marine life without even having to snorkel.

La Digue

La Digue is by far the most peaceful and secluded island in the Seychelles, making it great for people looking to unwind on the beach. This sleepy town is a dreamy paradise where everything is within walking or cycling distance. If you want to explore the island and get a real feel for the Seychelles, it is easy to do so in La Digue.

What it’s best for:

La Digue is truly best for de-stressing and taking it easy, however, there is still a lot to explore by foot or bike. La Digue is also known for its winding hiking trails through luscious greens where, once you reach a viewpoint, you can encounter some “once in a lifetime” bird species and other wildlife while gazing over the green-blue ocean. The island is also culturally rich, so engaging with the locals at the Creole restaurants will make for an eye-opening and enriching holiday.

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